Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do you like to burn your wife alive?

Do You Like to Burn Your Wife Alive?

Few reliable records exist of the practice before the time of the Gupta empire, approximately 400 AD. After about this time, instances of sati began to be marked by inscribed memorial stones. The earliest of these are found in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, though the largest collections date from several centuries later, and are found in Rajasthan. These stones, called devli, or sati-stones, became shrines to the dead woman, who was treated as an object of reverence and worship. They are most common in western India.[2]

Muslims made attempts to save Hindu women!

In the Upper Gangetic plain, while it occurred, there is no indication that it was especially widespread. The earliest known attempt by a government to stop the practice took place here, that of Muhammad Tughlaq, in the Sultanate of Delhi in the 14th century.[23]

Humayun issued a royal fiat against sati, which he later withdrew.

Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikhs spoke out against the practice of sati.

On 4 December 1829, the practice was formally banned in the Bengal Presidency lands, by the then governor, Lord William Bentinck.

Following the outcry after the Sati of Roop Kanwar,[44] the Indian Government enacted the Rajasthan Sati Prevention Ordinance, 1987 on October 1, 1987[45] and later passed the Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act, 1987.[6]


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Response to the NSW TDA Committee

My Response to the NSW TDA Committee

I have appended my response below. Due to my other commitments, I may not be able to be at the Granville RSL at prescribed time and date in a very short notice.

I have reminded before and I am reminding again that the NSW TDA is no one’s private property. No one should be misusing and abusing the NSW TDA for his/her private adventure and misadventures. History and all other avenues will judge us all.

Dereliction in Duty is a Frivolous and Vexatious complaint

I was not and I am not in dereliction to my duty. In Anne Turner – Do Not Destroy the NSW TDA (below) I have expressed my plan of action clearly. However, I was not interested in anyone’s bloodthirsty ventures and I said so clearly. Yet, for the sake of the NSW TDA, if anyone would like come forward and ready to do the job, I am willing to step back temporarily because I was not and I am not interested in power and position. I am interested in taxi drivers’ welfare and wellbeing with proven track record.

Accountability and Transparency

In Anne Turner – Do Not Destroy the NSW TDA (below) I also asked Ann Turner to officially report all open and secret meetings with taxi owner groups, taxi mafia and other bodies for the sake of accountability, openness and transparency. To date, no one did so.

Anne Turner’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

Instead, Anne hired her Weapons of Mass Destruction and asked me to read Tony Denton’s email! I was surprised of her instruction as Tony is not a committee member and her proposition sounded bizarre to me on that time. Anyway, I was compelled to answer Tony. Because of Answering Tony, Anne harassed me for a week! In reality Anne invented and used Tony in this debacle of her and since then she is falsely accusing me to abuse her. I therefore, absolutely reject such a totally false and ill motivated accusation.

I made my position clear in Confidential NSW TDA Issues, NW TDA Committee Member, and Reg Kermode Thugs Went on to Kidnap and Rob Faruque Ahmed.

Faruque Ahmed

Secretary, NSW TDA, Email:

Mobile: 041 091 4118, Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ann Turner – Do Not Destroy the NSW TDA

I do not now whether you are corrupt or incompetent! However, lately you have not shown enough interest in:

1. Taxi Drivers’ Safety,

2. Taxi Drivers’ Welfare,

3. General wellbeing of Taxi Drivers,

4. No Standing/Stopping issue,

5. Ill-motivated attacks against taxi drivers by the Sunday Telegraph and other television stations,

6. Parliamentary Inquiry re Taxi Industry,


8. David Campbell’s taxi mafia inspired congestion tax and

9. Number of burning issues regarding our survival.

However, you have had lots of conversations and meetings with “very powerful and knowledgeable people” i.e. taxi mafia. Yet, you failed to provide exact accounts of those meetings and discussions.

You have organised meeting with the Director General of the Transport & Infrastructure without me on the basis of “I am good” and “He is not”! Again you failed to provide exact account of that meeting (9.00 am, Tuesday, 10 November 2009).

In the meantime, I am getting threats like;

A. The DG of T&I will cancel your authority ….,

B. “Very powerful and knowledgeable people” i.e. taxi mafia do not like you, … ,

C. The mafia will deport you from Australia

D. Someone will bash you up, …… .

In short, you are trying to convert the NSW TDA as a group of “trunk operators” and “taxi owners” close to investor type people. As I said before, understood and accepted by everyone before, “The NSW TDA resources must be dedicated for working taxi drivers and owners because what is good for working taxi drivers and owners are good for everyone”.

It came to my attention that, today, you went behind my back to present the “other side of the story” (poor taxi owner/investors violin) to my good friend Lee Rhiannon to neutralise Faruque Ahmed’s singular point of view! Ironically, you have displayed your ignorance and tremendous prejudice against Lee Rhiannon MLC a few days ago!

Who is assisting you with your misadventure Ann?

That sad and miserable person who turned the world upside down and I was forced to waste plenty of my private time and resources to tackle that issue. On the day you went on to meet up with the big DG of T&I (12/10/09). Later, Tony Denton became a mental! He physically attacked you and a few little girls. Tony vandalised a chicken shop and another person’s backyard. Today he is your friend to counter Faruque Ahmed in favour of the taxi mafia!

You are also very keen to remove Ted! I told you before and I am telling you again that no one should be sacked without following due process of law! Ted may be a difficult person but we need people like him too. Lately, you are not answering many telephone calls.

Ann you must be stopped. The taxi mafia must not be taking over the NSW TDA.

Should you really want to assist the taxi owners, you must tell them as I did before that they must demand to re-write the NSW Passenger Transport Act and Regulation. Because the Act compels the taxi owners/operators to be a part of communication network/radio room. However, no one ever bothered to justify the radio fee. They charge whatever they like and the taxi owners/operators got no say in this regard. The radio networks got a build in component for;

1. NSW Taxi Industry Association fee and

2. NSW Taxi Council Limited “extortion money”.

In other words the regulators are forcing taxi operators/owners to join the NSW TIA and Taxi council Limited. Such a compulsion is illegal under many laws including ACCC related legislations and voluntary unionism. This compulsory unionism by stealth is one of the problems of the taxi industry.

If the taxi owners/operators can overcome the first hurdle, then they may negotiate down their insurance fees and other expenditures. However, no one should demand that the NSW TDA must do everything for them.

Just now I have seen Trevor’s agenda! It must be blessed by you and I am shocked to see this agenda.

Now, you want to murder Ted. Then me! Remember, all of a sudden you have asked me for the NSW TDA letter box key on Sunday. The taxi mafia bribed the NSW TWU back in 1984, 1997 and possibly today. I won’t be surprised if the taxi mafia would like to control the NSW TDA.

The agenda items, the way the agenda was prepared and process observed to write the agenda are wrong and unacceptable.

I therefore reject them entirely and ask for a different date of meeting with a proper agenda, plan of action and intention.

Oh, please do not throw Tony Denton inspired and fictitious slurs and slanders as serious accusations against me.

Faruque Ahmed

Secretary, NSW TDA, Email:, Mobile : 041 091 4118

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Anne Turner’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

From: This sender is DomainKeys verified Add sender to Contacts To: union_faruque@...


I have been advised of your posting on the NSW TDA Committee Forum about your comments to the President of the NSW TDA, Anne Turner

You said, ' Tony Denton became a mental...'

You also went on to say, '...He physically attacked you and a few little girls. Tony vandalised a chicken shop and another persons backyard...'

I Tony Denton have not, ' become a (sic) mental...'

I Tony Denton have not and have never physically attacked Anne Turner nor have I attacked any, '..few little girls..' or for that matter any ,'few' big girls nor any other little or big persons of any sort.

There has been no physical 'attacking' by me of any kind

Where is your supporting evidence ?

Or is this another example from the multitude of examples of how you consistently attempt to direct blame onto others, unsuccessfully, all without any foundation of support and without any supporting evidence ?

I remind you and all the world who will be reading this ...of your failure in taking 2GB and Jim Ball to task for racial slanders etc

I remind you of your failure to prove that Brian Wilshire's wife and Jim Ball's wife are somehow from a what you have time and time again said are from, "Jewish' background.

I remind you that you clearly failed to prove that those women, 'are Jews.'

They are not

I remind you of your failure to challenge even one of your many evictions from premises in the Marrickville & Dulwich Hill area

I remind you of your failure to select ethical & moral persons to share your flat with when you were at Marrickville. You attracted that 'jackal' of a person, that 'maloon' as you called him and you are completely responsible for how he ripped you off financially.

I remind you of your many failures to even get your voice heard on many, many talk back radio stations

I remind you of your failure in holding down an ongoing job as a Petroleum Engineer & of your sacking by the Australian manager on the instigation of the visiting American CEO when you were at BP many other so called 'activists', confuse free speech and instead substitute personal attacks in it's place

I remind you of your own comments about 'karma'

You....yourself know you are creating what is awaiting you by your conscious & deliberate wrongful thinking wrongful actions & wrongful comments

Is this situation involving Anne Turner, myself & others a further example of such?

Is this situation a further example of the 'unbalanced chequebook' of wrongful thinking, actions & comments coming from yourself for which yourself know.... you will be held accountable for ?

Held accountable by the Universe


What has your comments to do with NSW TDA business ?

Why are your abusive & personal attacks even on the NSW TDA Committee Forum ?

What are they doing there ?

Who will be next in line for your personal attacks ?

Is this your fundamental style to personally attack each and every NSW TDA Executive member...then each & every NSW TDA member by one?

This is abuse

You are an abuser

You abuse each & every human being you come in contact with

All secretively....all nefariously

The very behaviour you attribute to the 'Taxi Mafia" the 'Zionists' the 'Jewish' in reality your own 'dark side'

You attempt to disown that 'dark side' which is part of you - You have failed

And you will continue to fail

You say from your posting; ' In the meantime I am getting threats like;

A. The DG of T&I will cancel your authority....'

B. 'very powerful and knowledgeable people' i.e. taxi mafia do not like you,..,

c. The mafia will deport you from Australia

D. Someone will bash you up,....'

Who exactly is saying these things to you ?

Where is your support for proving that such things are in fact being said to or about you?

You attempt to create an atmosphere of chaos around you and of victimisation directed towards you based on unfounded evidence.

All somehow perpetuated by some hidden and ill meaning unidentified group of persons

I can say this

I do not assosciate with abusers

I do not assosciate with secretive women haters and covert woman oppressors

I do not assosciate with serial inflamers

I do not associate with you

Yours sincerely

Tony Denton

Answering Tony

Tony Denton is a mentally challenged person. Long time ago, virtually the whole world deserted him. Mike Hatrick and Faruque Ahmed were supporting him in many ways for a long time. Recently both of us relised that Tony requires professional assistance and I have decided cut ties with him for safety and security reasons. I have advised Anne about it. However for some strange reason Anne became very close to Tony and found herself in many troubles.

I am not answerable to Tony. However, Anne Turner inspired frivolous and vexatious attacks of Toney do not deserve any attention. Nonetheless I have to add a few points to dispel some of the myths.

Faruque Ahmed's Letter to ACMA is common sense approach. The ACMA Reply to Faruque Ahmed is a result of due process of law. Faruque Ahmed's Letter to Radio 2UE a necessary beast! Radio 2UE Response to Faruque Ahmed is frustrating and a reflection of the media culture of Australia . Faruque Ahmed's Communication with the ACMA will be a test case after the Cash for Comment Inquiry.

David Oldfield, David Oldfield to David Oldfield, Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2 UE), David Oldfield to Jim Ball and Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2GB) are self explanatory.

The power of Aussie talkback and Have your say on talkback radio are a good starting point. Deliberately impotent NSW Anti-Discrimination Board allows Muslim and Christian Bashing in NSW. However, saying a word against Zio-Nazi war crimes and genocide are considered to be the cardinal sins here!

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, Sadistic Reply and Is He Guilty Because Of His Religion? are only few issues I am proudly involved with.

I therefore reject Anne inspired and Tony delivered idiocy. I got better things to do.

Faruque Ahmed

Monday, November 30 2009

--- On Sat, 13/2/10, Trevor Bradley wrote:

From: Trevor Bradley
Subject: Re: Trevor Bradley
To: "Faruque Ahmed"
Received: Saturday, 13 February, 2010, 11:06 AM

Dear Faruque, Thank you for your reply. In answer to your questions:

This was not a personal or ad hoc email that I sent you. I was acting on behalf of the committee {NSWTDAInc.] as acting Secretary it was my duty.

It was authorised by the committee in appointing me as acting secretary, to act for them in communications.

The meeting of the committee that was held at Granville RSL at 11am on Thursday 10th December 2009, that you declined to attend.

At the above meeting that was called by the President under section 8.12, because you were derelict in your duty and failed to call a meeting when requested by the President. You also declined to attend that meeting. If you have some idea of being in denial as to the authenticity of that meeting, I can assure you that it was quite proper and legal. You were given fair warning and notice of the meeting you were given fair warning that complaints were bering raised against you, and you were given fair warning that the matter regarding yourself was on the agenda. You were definitely and clearly invited to present your explanation/defence before the committee deliberated on the complaints.

The committee considered the complaints and determined to bring formal complaints from the committee against you for you to answer to.

The committee suspended you from duty pending a second and formal hearing of these complaints.

The committee agreed that in view of your continued insults and abuse of members that you were to be removed from acess to the exec site.

The committee appointed me as acting secretary at that meeting.

The minutes are correct and published on the exec site. Everything is correct and tidy.

Now it has come to pass that the next meeting is due next week at Granville RSL at 11am on Wednesday the 17th of February 2010. You have been sent your formal letter of the complaints against you, as you are entitled and you are invited to attend the next committee meeting and make your defence.

The letterhead, as such,is the same as before. With the change of personell it was appropriate to an ajustment to the names. This was authorised by the president.

You have not been formally removed from your position as yet. The committee made the decision to suspend you from duty.

Subsequent to yourself being suspended from active duty as secretary by the committee we need someone to do the job. So I was appointed as acting secretary by the committee at that meeting on 10th december 2009.

You were informed of these decision last year.

We hope to see you at the meeting next Wednesday

T.Bradley Acting Secretary NSWTDAInc.

From: Faruque Ahmed
To: Ann Turner ; Trevor ; Vanio ; Geof Coates ; Ted Hirsch ; Eddy Diab ; Ernie Mollenhauer
Sent: Fri, 12 February, 2010 10:49:43 PM
Subject: Trevor Bradley

Trevor Bradley

I am in receipt of a disturbing email from you. Therefore, it becomes a must to ask you the following questions:

1. Who have authorised you to send this email to me?

2. Who gave you the permission to send this email to me?

3. Which meeting empowered you to forward this email to me?

4. If the answer of Question “3” is affirmative then please name me the venue, time, date and proper minutes of that meeting.

I also noticed some one has changed the letterhead of the NSW TDA without the committee approval! Again, I have to ask you;

a. Who made a decision to change the NSW TDA letterhead and when?

b. Which meeting made the decision to change the NSW TDA letterhead?

c. Who made a decision to remove me from my elected position, why and when?

d. Who made a decision to appoint you as an acting secretary and when?

Upon receipt of satisfactory answers of my questions may attract an answer.

Faruque Ahmed

Secretary, NSW Taxi Drivers Association

Mobile: 041 091 4118

From: Trevor Bradley
Subject: Please find enclosed formal letter of complaint
To: "Faruque Ahmed"
Cc: "Anne Turner" , "Eddy Diab" , "Geoff Coates"
Received: Thursday, 11 February, 2010, 4:58 PM

New South Wales TAXI DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Incorporated

FOR: BAILEE DRIVERS, OWNER DRIVERS, AND LESSEE DRIVERS, Inclusive Inc. no.9882558 ABN 98 653 928 763 PO Box 322, Alexandria NSW 2015 `A Fair Share of a Fair Fare’ President : Anne Turner

Notice to Faruque Ahmed:

To show cause why he should not be removed from the committee of NSWTDA Inc.

The committee of the NSW Taxi Drivers Association has determined that the following charges be made.

A member of this Committee, Faruque Ahmed, has recently used the NSWTDA Exec site, to make a personal attack on Anne Turner, as a person, and of her leadership as President. We are also disappointed to find that Faruque Ahmed has become derelict in his duties as Secretary.

We charge that Faruque Ahmed has:

Been derelict in doing his duties as Secretary NSWTDAInc

He has accused Anne Turner both verbally and in writing, of selling out the NSWTDAInc. He has said that Anne Turner is “only a stupid waitress”, and many other false accusations. This is clearly and absolutely disrespectful of the President

Finally he has directly challenged The President by demanding that she resign, both verbally and in writing. This is clearly unacceptable.

We propose that the committee find that Faruque Ahmed is not a fit and proper person to serve on the NSWTDAInc committee, and that Faruque Ahmed be removed from our NSWTDAInc committee.

Faruque may answer to these charges at the next committee meeting.

Trevor Bradley

Acting Secretary, for the Committee, NSWTDA Incorporated, 11th February 2010.